Celia is only 21 years old and has already made her mark as the highest-ranked female match racing skipper ever in New Zealand. Celia was a member of the RNZYS Youth Training Programme for 4 years and in that time has competed internationally for match racing as well as offshore racing. Celia sails on 'Anarchy' along with Charlotte and Alison. She is in her third year studying Nursing.


Main trimmer / tactics

Charlotte grew up sailing dinghy boats and in 2015 joined the RNZYS Youth Training Programme where she sailed with both NZ and international teams in match racing events in both NZ and around the world including Helsinki and Busan. Charlotte is determined to compete in The Ocean Race and to put her Physiotherapy degree to use in the sailing world.



Paige is a graduate of four years from the RNZYS Youth Training Programme and has competed in match racing events around the world since 2010. She has also competed in big boat fleets including PAC52's and TP52's and sails on Auckland based race boat 'Mayhem'. Paige is in her first year studying Paramedicine.



Growing up in the USA, Alison has always been involved in sailing. She has completed the Sydney to Hobart, deliveries including Sydney to Auckland and has also competed in the Women's International Match Racing series. Alison has a degree in Sociology of the Law. She is currently working at Doyle Sails as a sailmaker.

In 2019, Edge Women's Match was selected as the first women's team to be part of the RNZYS Performance Programme (PP). The PP is all about bridging the gap between youth and professional sailing. The PP is proudly supported by Musto, Emirates, East Imperial, NZL Sailing Foundation, Marlow and the Foiling Family.


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